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Eagle Rock StorZall

How Big is a StorZall Unit?

Eagle Rock StorZall provides "whole house" size storage. Equivalent to a six-car garage (or more), each unit provides approximately 20' x 50' of floor space, or 14,000 cubic feet of volume.

How much can you store at StorZall?
  • 3 Average 4-bedroom homes
  • 5 F-250 trucks
  • 10 Toyota Prius
  • 2 Semi-tractor trailer's contents
  • 16 Elephants
  • 4,276 Flat screen televisions
  • 12,350 Used computer towers
  • 1,676,273,428 pennys
*Your capacity may vary depending on packing efficiency and whether you use African or Indian elephants.

Phone: 505-730-0491